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Doll Benno

Auntie Ems Toy Emporium

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Oh, how cute - this little boy with his cute clothes melts every doll mama´s heart! The doll has a light blue baby bottle, a soother that can be put in his mouth, and a soft blanket. The boy´s clothes are a real eyecatcher - many of the elements, like the ears on the cap, remind people of a dog. Little Benno is a real dog lover! This doll wears a cute floppy-ear beanie and blue-white rompers with a cute puppy motif. The cuddly blanket and baby bottle are blue-white as well.
Dimensions Doll: approx. 23 x 12 x 43 cm
Brand small foot
Material fabric/ cloth/ textiles
Doll type doll

recommended minimum age from 24 months