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The Lionheart Collection's first story-led activity book for pre-schoolers! Go on a journey with the Lionheart family as they get ready to celebrate Benji's big day with reading, writing, colouring, drawing, cutting activities and games! Choose from 44 activities designed to help develop key motor skills, pen control, wipe clean pages to improve hand-eye coordination, letter formation activities, cutting and gluing and so much more!

Whether its ABC or 123, help little ones on their creative journey with Benji's Big Day activity book. Join Arthur and his Lionheart family as they celebrate Benji's big day! This story led activity book is jam packed with lots of things to do: pages of activities to colour, or to copy, or to draw, or to cut out – and even things to make.

Practice with the wipe clean pages and look out for Jasper the Zebra who will guide users with helpful hints and tips. Benji's Big day has been developed by to aid children's development, making writing and colouring both fun and educational.

This pre-school activity book is packed with 44 activities to ensure children are learning and having fun for hours!

Written and Edited by Heather Stewart and Lorraine Payne

Illustrations by Alexandra MacVean Illustration