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Playhouse Cardboard Fire Station

Auntie Ems Toy Emporium

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Wee-ooo, wee-ooo! All kids who love the fire brigade will love this cardboard fire station. It comes with numerous accessories, many arrangeable figurines, and even a burning house to be extinguished. Once it is quickly assembled and the interior stickers are put on, the fun can begin. The figurines depict typical worktime situations and routines of firemen, and invite kids to experience the adventures of recovery, rescue, and putting out fires. The colorfully printed cardboard building in fire station style is guaranteed to be a hit with adventurous children! 
Dimensions approx. 54 x 10 x 43 cm
Material paper /cardboard

recommended minimum age from 3 years
Packaging coloured box
Weight incl. Packaging 0,99 kg